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As a top notch sign shop, THE HOLY CITY SIGN CO. can create any of your sign needs. There are many different sign types out there for you to choose from. From simple vinyl on your window to elaborate RGB displays, we will help guide you down the path that best fits your needs. With over 20 years of experience as a sign company manufacturing and servicing signs of all types, we are grateful to be your sign store of choice and for the chance to help you with your branding. Below we have listed some of the more common signs.
ELECTRONIC MESSAGE CTR- Indoor of outdoor LED message centers and displays. This type of sign has extraordinary price to performance ratios. The Holy City Sign Co. will work extremely hard to provide you with a DAKTRONICS electric LED sign solution for your Charleston sign that fits your business best in terms of price, visibility and value. New advancements in technology of electronic message centers and LED sign illumination have created a whole new realm of possibilities for affordable advertising.
CHANNEL LETTERS - Channel Letters are the most common type of sign letter consististing of aluminum. Lit with LED energy efficient lights they consist of a metal that is shaped like a letter usually 2-5 inches deep. The face is simply colored and translucent this enables the sign to be seen from long distances during the day and be lit up at night. Channel letters are a great way to show customer where you are located they are typically found in strip malls, shopping centers and retail centers.
CABINET SIGNS - Cabinet signs are found in many shapes. They are internally illuminated light boxes that can 
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be customized to fit your logo shape or most commonly found as a rectangle. The background is a simple acrylic face that we can place almost anything on from a simple picture to Chinese letters using vinyl graphics.

MONUMENT SIGNS - Monument signs are large freestanding signs usually mounted on a solid base on the ground. They can also be mounted on pillars, made of different materials such as brick, stucco, metal etc... You can find this type of sign located anywhere from town entrances, churches, parks, large corporations and industrial areas. They can be single or double sided.
PYLON SIGNS - A pylon sign is a sign permanently affixed in the ground on a cement base. Supported by one or more poles and not affixed to a building. You will find these types signs at the entrance of strip malls used as a tenant sign to show the retail stores located within the mall.
RGB DIGITAL DISPLAYS - A full color digital sign LED illuminated that has electronically activated sign transmission of video between a source device (such as a computer) and the display board.
WOOD CARVED SIGN - Either sand blasted or 3d designed with a CNC router wood carved sign can be made to give more dimension, rustic, and artful look. Usually made of redwood they are a very versatile and attractive sign.

When choosing your Charleston sign no matter what type you choose there are a few things to keep in mind. The reader’s ability to read your message is maximized by a design that enhances individual letter distinction and color selection can dramatically increase readability.

Ads that have photos get 300% grater recall than those without. That is a compelling reason to ad a picture or logo to your sign design or to deeply consider an Electronic Message Board.
Adding a border to your sign helps to focus the customer attention so they can read it 26% faster and by adding special information in a second color you can increase your customer retention by 78%. Remember your sign works for you 24-7, 365 days per year. Studies show it will bring in 50% of all your customers. You want to make the most of your investment because it can mean success or failure for your business.