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​         The above picture is a 12' x 2' blue LED Neon Sign attached to 1/4" clear acrylic. it is run off of two transformers that are plugged into outlets on top of the wall.
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You can send us your art or we can help you with your design Logos or Lettering. We can help you with color and fonts that will work best for your design and will make a good  LED Neon Sign that will last. Unlike the traditional crystal glass neon that is hand blown and lighted with mercury and other hazardous chemicals and breaks super easy, not to mention the huge amount of power they use,your LED Neon Sign is made with a rubber coating over the diodes and set into an acrylic background with with super glue, all connection are soldered, they run off of 12 volt transformers that plug directly into an outlet and come with a remote that makes you sign dimmable as well as 20 different flash or speed settings.